Open Call

Open Call Support Webinars

Open Call Support Webinars

During May 2017 WEAR Sustain is holding a series of webinars to support applicants to apply for our first Open Call


These webinars are designed to answer any questions you might have about preparing your application, and go into depth on different areas of the process.


The first webinar took place on 2 May 2017.


In the first webinar we explored the Open Call process, finding  find a partner and how to apply through the F6S Platform, which is being used for applications.

The second webinar took place on 9 May 2017.


This webinar focussed on the timeline of the Open Call funding and support provided to teams selected through the Open Call. There was also a discussion about Technology Readiness Levels and how you can translate these to your proposal.


The second half of this webinar is a live Q&A with participants which covered a range of detailed questions including:

  • What kind of project WEAR Sustain is looking for.
  • How you structure a team and eligibility.
  • Further discussion of the Technology Readiness Levels.
  • How important is commercialisation of a project being proposed?
  • How does prototype development work, and selecting partners
  • Can you use existing technology in your project?
  • Can you submit a process rather than a wearable?



The third webinar took place on 15 May 2017.


This webinar focussed on using the WEAR Sustain Online Network to find partners to support your application to the Open Call.


Full details of the webinars and supporting slides can be found at