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Industry News Round Up – June 2017

Industry News Round Up - June 2017

If you are thinking about applying for the second WEAR Sustain Open Call – taking place in autumn – there are a lot of interesting developments being announced at the moment that might inspire your proposal.


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  • Semi-precious: The best smart jewelry (Wareable)
  • The UNSEEN Blends Science Into Materials to Create a T-shirt that Can Read Pollution (FashNerd)
  • Sports wearables you didn’t know existed: Squash, surfing, rock climbing & more (Wareable)
  • New Snapchat Spectacles Could Include AR (International Business Times)
  • These Are the Best Selling Wearables So Far in 2017 (Motley Fool)
  • Wearable sales to double by 2021, says IDC (ReadWrite)
  • From braille to Be My Eyes – there’s a revolution happening in tech for the blind (The Guardian)


  • Google’s Project Jacquard: How “Seamless” Smartwear Will Help Wearable Tech Adoption – (The Digital Circuit)
  • The adidas Future Team on FORGEFIBER Technology and Designing Personalized Footwear (Core77)
  • Why the future of smart clothing is all about feeling (Wareable)

Conferences & Events


  • E-Textile Workshops, Courses, Camps, Festivals… 2017 (Kobakant)



  • Panasonic Shows Off a Bendable Lithium-ion Battery for IoT, Wearables (IEEE)
  • Stretchy Smart Skin Circuits That Can Offer Tactile Feedback (FashNerd)
  • Thermoelectric Harvester Could Power Wearables (The Engineer)
  • Radio powered by your own sweat hints at future of wearables (New Scientist)