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23 teams selected for WEAR Sustain funding

WEAR Sustain Open Call: 23 Winning teams selected for funding

WEAR Sustain is absolutely delighted to announce that 23 winning teams have been selected to each receive up to €50,000 in funding. Congratulations to the talented winning teams!

Our first cohort of Awardees will go on develop their proposed collaborative prototypes, which address our Open Call for ethical and/or sustainable Next Generation wearable technology, smart or electronic textile prototypes. The projects will work together over a period of 6 months, starting in July this year:


Awarded Projects:



BRAWAS Quietude
Breafree RideQ
Breath! Sensewear
Closed Loop Smart Athleisure Fashion Textile Reflections
Constructing Connectivity The Anthropocene Project
iBreve Tinker Design
ID Labs uPerfect Pointe Shoes
KOBA Maßschneiderei WEARFLEX
Meditation Lab Team gloves Zishi: Smart Garment for Rehabilitation


Projects will now going through to the contracting stage and are being appointed mentors and supporting hubs to work with. Details about the projects and the support they will receive will be revealed later in July and August.


Thanks to all of you who applied. We were impressed with the quality of applications and pleased that so many individuals want to make such interesting and positive changes to society, in line with the ethics and sustainability themes we outlined.


The WEAR Sustain second and final Open Call will be announced this Autumn.