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New Feature! What are your peers talking about on Social Media?

New Feature! What are your peers talking about on Social Media?

WEAR Sustain has new and exciting Social Media feature to play with!

As of this month, WEAR Sustain has over 600 identified actors (companies, people and projects) across Europe in its ecosystem. All members with registered twitter accounts will see their posts channelled into a new Social Media Monitoring Dashboard, to enable our network to keep abreast of key industry information from across Europe.


How to use the dashboard to discover insights and trends in your ecosystem.

The Social Media Monitoring dashboard, used strategically, can provide you with insights into the key topics and activities discussed by your WEAR Sustain peers. The dashboard will help you to gather information and discussions into one place, and you can use filters, memberships and keywords to further analyse this data.

Social Media Monitoring displays all the latest tweets from actors in the WEAR ecosystem and you can see who is talking about what, and what the interactions and social relationships are in your ecosystem.

On the right hand side of the dashboard is a list of trending topics and a list of the people, projects or companies that have the highest reach.

If you are interested in analysing the data from a particular target group, you can filter the social media stream, by using filters in the left navigation.

Like twitter, the dashboard enables you to like and share information directly form the WEAR Sustain network.

Further information on how to use the dashboard can be found here.

Future developments

Do make sure your profiles are up to date with your social media handles and links. In the near future we will be integrating other social networks into the dashboard, so stay tuned for further updates.