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‘WEAR’binars Week: Expert Support + Q&A (12-19th December ’17)

'WEAR'binars Week: Expert Support + Q&A (12-19th December '17)
A special week of LIVE online events by leading experts and WEAR Sustain,
providing guidance and support for:

– funding applications –
– ethical/sustainable product development –
– collaborative agreements & IP  –

1. Sustainability and Ethics for Wearables and E-textiles

– Embedding life-cycle development and ethical design from the start –

This session is critical for current teams who have just been through their mid-term review,
as well for new applicants wanting to know more about the issues to help prepare their project proposals.

Recorded 12th December 2017:


Professor Martin Charter, Director of The Centre for Sustainable Design & Professor at University for the Creative Arts. Charter has worked as a manager, trainer and facilitator on sustainable innovation and product sustainability for 29 years in academia, business and consultancy

Martin will speak about sustainable development and product life cycle issues for the creative industries and product design.


Anne Prahl, PhD, Independent design professional with 20+ years of experience in the sports and fashion industry. Anne provides design research, trend forecasting & analysis, creative direction & design concepts, design & development of textiles, clothing and accessories. She specialises in Design for Sustainability in textiles, products, processes and business models, leading to resource efficiency and elimination of waste in the textile/clothing industry.

Anne will share insights on life-cycle analysis concerns and approaches for designing and developing wearables and e-textiles

Susan Kozel, Professor, School of Arts and Culture at Malmö University. Susan’s work explores the convergence of philosophy, dance, and media technologies. Kozel’s research is foundational to understanding the body and phenomenology in digital culture. She teaches for the Interaction Design program and is Project Leader of the major research project Living Archives funded by the Swedish National Research Council.

Suzan will lead us on Data Ethics and collection for wearables.


Chaired by Lucy Bunnell, Research Manager for WEAR Sustain at University of the Creative Arts (UCA), leading the artistic and sustainability dimension of the project.

2. The Power of Arts and Technology Collaboration 

This discussion is critical to learn how arts and technology inform each other and catalyse each toward more novel approaches to creation and design. Each have their own language and philosophy and collaboration can be both challenging and extremely rewarding and bring pioneering outcomes.

Recorded Thursday 14th December, 2017


Luis Miguel Girao, founder of Artshare, is a transdisciplinary artist and researcher in the application of technology as a tool for artistic expression. He collaborated with several artists and scientists and his work has been presented worldwide. He is the NATO Art Expert, is a researcher generating support for EU and Transatlantic policy making in the field of the crossings of art, science and technology. He is a transdisciplinary artist developing applications of technology as tools for artistic expression focusing at the moment on bioelectromagnetism. He is a member of the Planetary Collegium and of the Centre for Sociology and Music Studies of Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of the New University of Lisbon, Portugal. In 2007, he was awarded the Bolsa Ernesto de Sousa prize, Lisbon-NYC. He was coordinator of for the European Commission. These activities gave origin to the DG CONNECT’s initiative STARTS – Science, Technology and the Arts in which he is extremely involved in.

– 10 minutes –

Speaking on the role that art and design can play in innovation in technology, as well as the importance of cross-disciplinary collaboration and cross-pollination in order to create new innovations and creativity, with examples from the  ICT/Art Study, STARTS  and Vertigo EU Funded projects.

Lucas Evers is initiator of the Open Wetlab of Waag Society. Lucas Evers initiates art- science projects within the Open Wetlab on local, national, and international levels, ranging from neuroscience hackathons to projects, such as Trust me I’m an artist, investigating the new ethical issues arising from art and science collaboration. Waag Society through Evers is a partner in the STARTS Program, which focuses on innovation at the nexus of Science, Technology, and the ARTS, uniting renowned art and research institutions and innovative industries to work on innovative projects where artists, scientists and engineers work together on radically different solutions.

– 10 minutes –

Speaking on the benefits and challenges of artists, designers and other creatives working with technologists, engineers and programmers, as well as the collaborative process between experts from different disciplines, and the rewards and techniques to make it work?


Chaired by Dr Camille Baker, PhD, Reader Interface and Interaction at University of the Creative Arts (UCA) Epsom.
Camille initiated the WEAR Sustain project and leads the artistic and sustainability dimension of the project.

3. Legal and IP considerations for Co-creation

– Essential considerations in co-developing wearables and e-textile prototypes, and beyond –

This webinar is to aid creative and technology partners to pre-consider legal obligations, IP, contracting and joint development, prior to forming a team and applying to the WEAR Sustain Open Call. The webinar covers opportunities of co-creation, including exploitation, ownership and contractual obligations of the WEAR Sustain project.


Dave Sandbach is Head of Innovation at Nine Degree Products. He is an expert innovator with over 20 years of experience in product design and development in technology startups, with expertise in creating and building intellectual property portfolios and consultation on the strategic management of IP. He is a lead inventor of over 70 patents worldwide.As CTO in startups, he has developed technology from idea to product, with VC investment.

– 10 minutes –

Dave will go over the essentials of forming an agreement between joint partners, prior to forming your teams, in particular:

  • IP and IPRs (IPRs normally meaning formally registered rights – IPR ownership is often different from rights to use).
  • Ways to understand and navigate joint development.
  • Agreeing how resulting IPRs will be a) owned and b) exploited.


Heritiana Ranaivoson Heritiana is Coordinator of the EU H2020 WEAR Sustain project and Senior Researcher / Project Leader at imec-SMIT-Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium). He holds an MSc in Economics and Management from the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan and a PhD in Industrial Economics from Université Paris 1, Panthéon-Sorbonne. He has led several projects for the European Commission, Unesco, Google, etc. His main research interests are cultural diversity, media innovation, wearables and the economic impact of digital technology on cultural industries.

– 15 minutes –

Heritiana will explain the key aspects about the legal and contractual framework of the WEAR Sustain project including:

  • Team obligations, signing of contracts, mid-term and end-term evaluations, and your contribution to the WEAR ethics and sustainability research.
  • Financial direct and indirect support.
  • The roles and participation of the WEAR Sustain’s network in your project, including reviewers, hubs, mentors and experts.


Chaired by Rachel Lasebikan, Rachel is Sr Research and Innovation Manager at Queen Mary University of London, leading the communications for the WEAR Sustain project and co-developing the sustainability strategy and awardee support.