#WEARConsults: Events 9-17 March 2018 – Help shape a sustainability strategy and toolkit

Artists, designers, creatives and makers have a measurable ecological footprint like any other sector and can reduce that footprint through the choices made in their work.

By Professor Martin Charter and Scott Keiller,
Director and Co-ordinator – Sustainable Innovation,
The Centre for Sustainable Design ®, UCA



WEAR Sustain invites all experts (creative and technology) in the wearables, smart and e-textile domain to take part in one of WEAR Sustain’s most important events to date – shaping and co-creating a Sustainability Strategy and Toolkit (SST) that will help you and your practice become more sustainable and ethical in the future.


As part of our remit, the WEAR team is working on the development of a sustainability strategy and toolkit, to made available to the public at the end of the project, in December 2018. Our aim, with your support is to ensure that future wearables, smart and e-textile developments have access to essential information to integrate data ethics and sustainability practices. We want this toolkit to be of real value, to leave a legacy for real and positive changes..



  • Ethics and sustainability concerns
  • Sustainable development and the creative industries
  • Knowledge and insights needed
  • Sustainable collaboration and innovation – lessons learned
  • Ethical Data use: collection / storage & Production/ or non-collection
  • Mitigating environmental, economic and social impacts: Sustainable and ethical production Fabrication / Design / Prototyping
  • Barriers
  • Toolkit delivery and components


  • Our first key project insights and resources so far.


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Image credit: Closed Loop, WEAR Sustain funded project, Open Call 1