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iBreve selected as Finalist in ‘Women in Health Tech Entrepreneurs Award’

Congratulations to WEAR Sustain funded project iBreve, selected as a Finalist in the Axa Heroes of Health Tech Awards.

iBreve is shortlisted here in the ‘Women Entrepreneurs’ Category of the Axa award.

This category aims to support women who are changing the way people think about their health and how to care for others.

iBreve is a wearable device which helps people to improve their stress resilience by analysing breathing patterns in real-time. It detects prolonged phases of shallow breathing, optimises the respiratory rate and guides through breathing and relaxation exercises. iBreve focuses initially on women’s health & well-being and can be easily attached to any regular bra. A machine-learning algorithm correlates breathing rate, activity and stress level, and can trigger a subtle vibration directly on the device or send a notification to the user’s phone.

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