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GDPR – WEAR Sustain ensures that you are in complete control of the data you choose to share!

In a nutshell, WEAR Sustain ensures that you are in complete control of the data you choose to share!


We are fast approaching the final six months of the WEAR Sustain project when we will begin to share the research and innovation insights we will have gleaned over two years, towards shifting the wearables and e-textile industry towards a more ethical and sustainable approach.


A new EU GDPR law means that to send you news and content, you will need to have given us your explicit consent to contact you.


You might therefore not receive project information, insights, outcomes, invitations to our final showcase or access to our Sustainability Strategy and Toolkit until you do so.






After the 25th May 2018, all users will need to accept the platform’s new Terms of Use (ToU) and will be unable to log in again until the ToU is accepted. WEAR has always strived for total transparency so you can request to see the information we have on you and control what you share. There are some other changes which will happen after this date. Please see the FAQ below.

It’s easy to opt-in with just two steps:

  1. Log into your profile page in the network (see top right of network page)
  2. Tick boxes to edit your email subscriptions 

That’s it!




Oh, but I already subscribed!

Unfortunately the new law says that even if you registered in the past, you will have to opt-in explicitly to receive content from us. Current users will have to give their explicit consent to the Terms of Use (ToU) and after May 25th everybody will have to accept them before being able to log in.


What happens next and do you protect my data?

The WEAR Sustain Network is powered by our consortium partner Datascouts, which has always strived for total transparency within their public ecosystems. Your data is backed up on private and secure servers based in the EU, and as a user you have always had the right to update or remove any part of your information or profile, should you wish to.

WEAR Sustain and DataScouts do not sell your data or use it for commercial purposes.

Yes we protect your your data and DataScouts has updated its Terms of Use (TOU) to reflect this. Up until now users automatically agreed with the terms of use when they registered on the platform. From now on, you will get the same message but with a tick box. After you agree explicitly you can register. 

Just tick the two WEAR Sustain checkboxes to receive weekly reports and newsletters when you follow the Opt-In link above. Click UPDATE PROFILE to save your changes. 

What if I don’t Opt-in? 

After the 25th May 2018, all users who don’t accept the new TOU will be unable to log in again until the TOU is accepted.

There are some other changes which will happen after the 25th May;

  • PERSONAL EMAILS: If a company profile on your ecosystem isn’t claimed and it contains a personal email address we will remove these email addresses. All non personal addresses (Info@, hello@, …) will remain in the database.
  • UNCLAIMED PERSONAL PROFILES which have not yet been claimed by a user will be hidden from the ecosystem. This will not happen for people being legal entities.
  • SOURCE FILES: We will delete the source files (mostly from the original upload) that were on our servers, or shared with us. The data will only remain on the platform and with you.
  • RIGHT TO BE FORGOTTEN: People in our network have always had the right to be forgotten, and still have. In your user profile you will be able to edit or delete the information we have about you.

What do you know about me?

We want to be very open and transparent, so anyone can ask us what we know about them. Please read this blog post on the DS platform “What Can Be Found Out About You“. 
A new functionality will soon be added to the DataScouts website allowing you to request to receive the information we have stored on you. We will soon send a message out with a link to the platform where you can adapt the information we have on you or ask to delete all the information.
Until then, if you have any questions about this please direct questions to, supplying your name and email address. We will respond with an email with information and how you can adapt or delete what we have.

Can I unsubscribe? 

Yes, it’s easy. Click on the Opt-In button above and select what you want to unsubscribe to. In addition you can completely delete your profile by clicking on the basket in the top right hand corner of the page.