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Experience Mi.Mu and Quietude at FutureFest, London, 6-7 July’18

Experience Mi.Mu and Quietude at FutureFest, London, 6-7 July'18

Are you ready to occupy the future?



If you are in London this July 6-7th you have the opportunity to experience the work of WEAR Sustain funded projects Mi.Mu Gloves and Quietude.

Coming all the way from Italy, Quietude will take part in this year’s Interactive and immersive installations and will demonstrate their unique jewellery, developed enhance the experience of deaf women in a sound-oriented world.


Imogen Heap, Mi.Mu will speak on Saturday at 10.30am on Mycelia’s Creative Passport: reimagining the music industry


Rachel Lasebikan and Camille Baker of WEAR Sustain will also be attending. Please do get in touch to discuss our project developments and our thoughts on the future of WEAR Sustain: /


About FutureFest

The fourth edition of FutureFest comes at a time when our relationship with the very idea of ‘the future’ is fraught. For many, the forces set to shape our world seem invisible and remote; from a rise in fanatical nationalism to hidden influences over the media and political systems.

FutureFest puts control of our destiny back into the hands of the people. We believe in alternative visions, optimism, untapped potential, and bold solutions to this era’s big challenges.

This year, FutureFest invites thousands of innovators to empower themselves by imagining and forging different pathways forward in a volatile world. If the best way to predict the future is to create it, then FutureFest is the place to interact directly with those already putting cutting-edge ideas into practice – across democracy and government, work, health, education and the arts. Join thought-provoking debates, innovative showcases, immersive experiences, and mesmerising installations.

Act today to create tomorrow; stop observing and start shaping your future.

London’s Tobacco Dock,  6-7 July.