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WEAR at Ars Electronica 2018


WEAR Sustain features at Ars Electronica Festival 2018 in September 6-10, 2018, in a showcase of prizewinning and nominated works, new results and prototypes coming out of the European Commission’s STARTS initiative. 

WEAR Sustain is the STARTS Prototyping arm of the initiative and joins other STARTS artists, scientists, engineers, designers, technologists, entrepreneurs and social activists in Linz, to consider and present current technological and social interplays, and their potential manifestations for the future.

Read a summary of the event here Festivalbilanz2018_final_EN


These are our highlights…


Friday, September 7 at Ars Electronica, dedicated to the STARTS Initiative and showcasing all things STARTS related. It emphasises the potential of evolving future innovators and extraordinary samples of innovation on the nexus of art, science and technology. See the full programme here>>



Camille Baker + @WEARsustain presenting the platform & discussing sustainable wearable tech—during @STARTSEU at @ArsElectronica


Panel Discussion:

The Politics of Fashion: Fashion as Social Bot

This panel discussion features a keynote by Camille Baker of WEAR Sustain, in response to a brief to look beyond the fast fashion system to an approach that’s not yet marketable, rethinking the positioning of fashion at the interface of technology and art, and enabling it to manifest political, social and aesthetic forms. Evolving fashion design and production processes call for alternative formal and substantive design concepts, methodological strategies, and artistic, social and aesthetic work and design practices in order to meet new social challenges.

Camille Baker shares the experiences of WEAR Sustain projects over the last 20 months.


The STARTS Exhibition

A showcase as part of The Practice of Art & Science, featuring all STARTS Initiative projects: STARTS Prize, STARTS Residencies & WEAR Sustain. Special STARTS Guided Tours take place at the main festival location POSTCITY, focused on the relevant works, in connection with this years festival topic “ERROR – the Art of Imperfection”.

Taking part in the STARTS Exhibition are a selection of WEAR Sustain projects, funded over the last 12 months. The WEAR Sustain section showcases six of the 46 funded projects:



Mogu leather: (


Textile Reflexes (


Closed Loop Smart Athleisure Fashion: (

GenCloth: (

  Tweet: We’ve begun a discussion on data & privacy involving human bodies + fashion. Arguably the most beautiful version of the art of imperfection-our human form!

Quietude: (

FlexAbility: (