New, improved look & functionalities for the Network

The WEAR Sustain Network has received a fresh, new look, plus a number of new and useful features, insights and functionalities to enable you and your organisation to see and be seen in this unique ethical/sustainable wearables, smart and e-textile ecosphere across Europe. 

– There’s a brand new homepage

– Improved profile page functionalities.

– We’re also creating some additional buzz, trends and insights features around the information at our disposal.

Now with over 1000 actors in the network, these and the following additional features will help you to get the most out of your experience and make better use of the data available within the platform.

Oh, and if you’re not part of the network, don’t forget to join!



The homepage looks better than ever and it’s takes you directly to some of our great, new features. We have gathered the latest information and updates here in a handy overview, so you can easily see them (in order from top of the page to bottom):

Information deck [i] on the WEAR Sustain consortium partners

Information deck on YOU

The top 4 directory categories linking to the profiles within that

A Gallery of the 46 funded WEAR Alumni projects – Scroll to the left or right to see each one

A Message board with the latest updates from the WEAR Sustain project. Make your own announcements in your profile to see:

The Network directory – a smaller version of the search functionality via keywords, locations, tags, etc.

Latest Buzz, with trends and insights into the latest topics, funding, events and key influencers



The news feature is made available both on the homepage and in actor’s profile pages.

Using a Telex feature the news feed is based upon a tech news aggregator. You could help us tremendously by identifying relevant news feeds which we could integrate into the network, so we can make sure that our community has access to relevant news.


Look at the top right hand corner of your screen for a bell, where we have introduced interactive notifications & announcements.

Automatic notifications will appear to alert you about interactions with your profile or alert you to announcements. We will be able to share relevant events and news with you and you can comment or like these notifications to keep the conversation going.

More information about notifications can be found in this video.



And last but not least, this is all released in a mobile-friendly way!

More videos on how to use the network can be found here>>