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New WEAR Sustain Showcase video

The new WEAR Sustain Showcase Video was launched at Ars Electronica last month.

In the video WEAR Sustain Founder Dr Camille Baker, Reader at UCA, talks us through the WEAR project’s aims, our original calls for Arts and Technology collaboration, and some of the exciting ethical and sustainable results of our project:

  • The innovations by our 46 funded teams have addressed issues such as circular design, manufacturing solutions and product lifecycles, as well as solutions to environmental, societal and experiences by those that are disadvantaged, through e-textiles and wearable technologies.
  • In addition, Camille explains the growing importance of the WEAR Sustain Network and Ecosystem.
  • Last but not least she highlights the final legacy of the project – a Sustainability and Strategy Toolkit – to aid the general public to integrate ethical and sustainable processes in their work.The SST will be launched in December 2018.


Join us at the:

WEAR sustain Final Event and Symposium

21st November

BOZAR, Brussels

Entry is FREE: Registration and tickets>>


ICT 2018 (Horizon 2020)

Vienna, 4-6 December 2018.

Entry is FREE: Registration and tickets>>

WEAR Sustain ran two pan-European competitions in 2017. The first Open Call closed at the end of May 2017 and the second on 15th January 2018. Our aim was to support creative and technology collaboration for the evolution of critical, ethical, sustainable and aesthetic wearable technologies, The scope included wearables and e-textiles worn on the body that may generate body data and/or data about your environment.

The WEAR program supported artists and designers to collaborate with technologists and engineers. We aimed to support strong, well developed project ideas and take prototypes to the next level.

A total fund of €2.4m was been made available over two years, to fund teams (Our first competition funded 22 collaborations and the second 24). Projects received support and input from mentors, experts, and hubs to help realise ideas, and promote developed prototypes.