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New ways to improve your WEAR Sustain profile page

As part of our continuous improvements to the WEAR sustain network, member profile pages have received new features.



There are now five sections for you to populate with ecosystem data:


1.Your PROFILE Tab:

– improve your company description plus

  • your company and focus details
  • images, video, website screenshot, provision/interest categories and all kind of files
  • company description
  • a summary of your relationships (connections) within the WEAR Sustain network
  • social media streams.

in addition we have a brand new PR feature, which feeds through to the WEAR home page for everyone to see:

  • Create your latest announcements, events, vacancies, product releases and collaboration opportunities, which will appear in the MESSAGE BOARD on the front page.


2. Your INFO Tab

The ‘Info’ tab shows detailed data and information about your company.



Your relationships got a complete make-over! We have created an overview per type of connection you have. It uses the same colours as you use in the legend on the rest of the platform.


4. Your OFFERING Tab:

You or your company can now offer many different products and services, not just one. For example, the company We Connect Data can now have a product and consulting as a service.


5. Your BUZZ Tab:

As on the home page, we show you key Buzz information within your on profile, from the last 30 days.

Main Topics show insights as either a timeline, or as a handy bubble chart. You can click on each topic to analyse the most important keywords and the main influencers. These will also display:

– a timeline of the latest topics and how intensely they are discussed

– key influencers in your environment

– trending topics and influencers related to this

– events being talking about

– latest funding information.