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€3m project unveils 46 winning ethical and sustainable wearables and e-textile pioneers across European 15 countries, at two showcase events:

– Final Showcase and symposia in Brussels, 21 November 2018 –

– Stand and investor pitches at ICT2018, Vienna, 4-6 December 2018 –



WEAR Sustain (Wearable technologists Engage with Artists for Responsible innovation), is a €3m EC H2020 award winning project, that set out to engage art, design and creative industries to work more closely with technology industries, to help shift the development of the wearable technology and e-textile landscape towards a more sustainable and ethical approach.

As the project comes to the end of its two-year funding, two final exhibitions will take place in Brussels and Vienna, this November and December, to showcase the 46 funded ground-breaking innovation prototypes, their ethics and sustainability outcomes, and to support those projects that need further investment.

Recently labelled by the EC as a STARTS Initiative Prototyping project, WEAR Sustain has been instrumental in leading the development of ethical and sustainable ways to produce wearable technologies and electronic textiles, inspiring and mentoring designers and technologists to adopt new workflows in their practices and throughout the life-cycle of their products. The project in its wider remit will also have an impact on the technology industry at large.

Over the two year project, the WEAR Sustain consortium – a collaboration between seven organisations across Europe including Queen Mary University of London, University for the Creative Arts (UCA – Epsom, UK), IMEC (Brussels, Belgium), Berlin University of the Arts (Berlin, Germany), Blumine Srl (Milan, Italy), Digital Spaces Living Lab (Sofia, Bulgaria) and
We Connect Data (Brussels, Belgium) – has achieved the following successful results:

  • €2.4m in funding to 46 teams via two pan-European competitions. Projects received support and input from mentors, experts, and hubs to help realise the development of new wearables and e-textile prototypes or processes, which are now setting the benchmark for ethics and sustainability in this sector.
  • A unique, pan-European network of over 1000 e-pioneers, with an abundance of resources for the wearable technology, smart textile and e-textiles sectors. The network enables industry players to connect, collaborate and share information, in order to integrate ethics and sustainability into their practice.
  • Identification of the most vital and pressing ethics and sustainability issues facing the wearables and e-textiles sector.
  • Creation of a sustainability strategy and toolkit (to be released in December 2018), harnessing the research, recommendations, resources and experts from the project, into a self-assessment and toolkit that will enable future teams to implement similar and better sustainable and collaborative design, development, production and manufacturing in their future practices.
The WEAR Sustain Showcase and symposia will take place at Bozar, Brussels, on Wednesday 21 November 2018, from 9am to 9pm.
  • The symposium and showcase will host talks from experts as well as mentors and hub leaders in the network, on ethics and sustainability issues, highlighting the project’s outcomes, suggestions for future development, the WEAR network and ecosystem beyond WEAR.
  • A new Sustainability Toolkit and Self-assessment tool integrated into a new WEAR Knowledge Platform will also be unveiled, to aid future teams, advocacy hubs, industry and other stakeholders in replicating ethical processes into their future projects.
  • The event will close with an evening of demonstrations by the funded WEAR Sustain teams’, with networking and a celebration.

Rachel Lasebikan, Senior Research and Innovation Manager at Queen Mary University of London, said: “We are proud of the funded project innovation outcomes, which have each embraced our sustainability and ethics challenges in unique ways. Many of the teams have truly set the benchmark in this field. We hope that future teams and businesses will follow suit, by using our upcoming toolkit, to be made freely available by the end of December, to improve their prototyping and production practices for a better impact on society and our environment.”

Ingrid Willems, Co-founder and Managing Director of We Connect Data, hosting the WEAR Knowledge Platform said: “It has been an amazing experience to map and monitor pioneers in ethical and sustainable wearable innovations in Europe. The niche network has evolved over the last 2 years into a pan-European ecosystem of entrepreneurs, experts and hubs in wearable technology, e-textiles and smart textiles with purpose.”


A second opportunity to see the outputs will be at the ICT 2018 Conference in Vienna, Austria, 4 – 6 December in the ‘(S+T)*ARTS = STARTS Hall, X5.

WEAR Sustain will:

  • Exhibit selected funded projects in hall X5, as part of the EU’s best accomplishments and pioneering results of funded research and innovation actions, with visions for the future. See ICT 2018 Catalogue:
  • Host a special pitch session entitled “Invest in future sustainable and ethical wearable innovations today” at 17.30 – 19.00 on the 5 December, to support the 12 most advanced projects that are closest to market readiness.

Dr Camille Baker, Reader at University of the Creative Arts, and initiator of the project, said: It is so exciting to see the success of the project through our ever-expanding network of stakeholders motivated to become more ethical and sustainable in their practices and the interest in supporting others. It is also so great to see the progress and achievements of our funded teams. I am especially proud that we are able to provide the Sustainability Toolkit, Self-Assessment, guide and research materials we have gathered into an amazing resource to support current and future teams in their endeavours toward a more ethical and sustainable future in wearable technologies and e-textiles. We aim to be available, as well, as an additional resource and we will unveil how this will manifest at our event in Vienna, and in the New Year on the WEAR Knowledge Platform, so stay connected to WEAR Sustain.”



If you would like to attend the event please contact:

Rachel Lasebikan

Senior Research and innovation Manager

Queen Mary University of London 07976 627 636

Events details:
Media and Resources:

The 46 project teams are listed below, located in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UK, and USA:

* denotes teams that scored highest against our monitoring criteria successfully throughout the duration of their project.

X denotes teams pitching for investment at the Vienna event


Team Name Prototype/Process Country Link to page in WEAR Sustain Platform
Air Guru Filtering scarf made from textile waste


BB Studio immersive experience to raise awareness about ocean pollution


* BeneficialWorks Produced ‘Wayband’ – a wearable device navigating the blind and visually impaired. Germany-USA
* BETAlight a flexible light source that can be worn


* Biocoatile Enhancing the performance

of our garments, without harming the


* Airlief An effective and fashionable air pollution mask


Breath! Collection that helps people to perform proper breathing during Yoga. Italy
BRIA x SABINNA Transforming a fashion capsule collection into new 100% biodegradable materials for use in garment packaging and shop interiors. UK
ByBorre Garments with an interknitted chip enable customers to gain insights into the sustainable development of a garment. Netherlands
* Closed Loop Smart Athleisure Fashion Smart sportswear continuously measures key vital signals. The recycle system make it extra special. Netherlands
* Constructing Connectivity Stroke rehabilitation method through textile making, treating health from a whole-person perspective. Netherlands
Data_able / GenCloth A3D toolkit for the next generation of fashion designers, supporting customisation and rapid local production. Spain
* X

Dynaback Team

Delivering real-time

and long-term insights about how you move.



Edera Safety / Protective Fabrics Spinal Protector Device – a cost and weight optimized “passive” design causing a significant reduction of spinal cord injuries. Austria
Embodied Interactions A new way for people to have an active relationship with their garments. UK
*Enabables/FlexAbility A kit prototype created from ethically and sustainability vetted components and parts facilitating the creation of made-to-measure e-textile and wearable interfaces for people with physical disabilities. Germany
* X


FleXo is a wearable soft exoskeleton to facilitate

this healing therapeutic touch between a caregiver and patient

FUNSUN KIDS Funsun KIDS teaches the sun-wise behaviour to

children and also to their caregivers.

FutureJewels Jewellery objects explore how playful, open-ended interactions could benefit user-groups, such as those

with sensory impairments, autism spectrum disorders and anxiety conditions to support therapy.

Biometrica BioMetrica project is focused on the development of a smart t-shirt which monitors dehydration

and saline loss in sports activity.

* X
Studio HILO
A compact spinning

machine which can be installed in any textile workshop.

* X
iBreve’s digital health solution empowers self-care by providing its users a better understanding of their bodies’ signals and more control over their emotional well-being and stress levels. Ireland-Spain-Germany
ID Labs Produced The Eye – the first Fashion Wearable Camera. Netherlands
* KOBAKANT A yearlong experiment, KOBA: an e-textile tailor shop. Only accepting bespoke commissions for individuals. Germany
Brawas / mBrainTrain A smart headphone with a mood-based music recommender. Serbia
* Meditation Lab The Meditation Lab Experimenter Kit consists of a suit and software to create personal meditation experiments. Netherlands
* X gloves

The team have developed the MI.MU Gloves – a wireless, wearable, gestural musical instrument and controller UK
* X
An alternative to traditional animal leather, grown by fungi Italy
MYcoTex / NEFFA Sustainable fabric from

mycelium, the roots of mushrooms.

PoplarShoe A smart shoe made of bio-waste material integrates you and nature into a unique activity. Turkey
* X
A collection of interactive jewels that enhance the experience of sound of deaf women. Italy
* RideQ An innovative system of wearables that assist the horseback rider in developing their “vertical seat”. Sweden
Sara & Sarah Exploring the inherent,

programmable potential of newly developed light-emitting lace.

* X
Smart garments inspired by therapies applied to Sensory

Processing Disorders within the autistic spectrum.

Sheltersuit Developing an Urban Safety Kit, focused on preventing hypothermia and on connectivity for the Sheltersuit – water-and windproof jackets with detachable sleeping bags, specifically for homeless people. Netherlands
SMART FASHION PRODUCTION A digital, local, made-to-measure garment and textile manufacturing technology. Netherlands
* X


Enables designers to create Ultra-Persoanlised, digitally manufactured shoes. Netherlands-Czech Republic
STEALTHY The first modular UV sensor

enabled jewellery collection designed to tackle Vitamin D deficiency in women

* Textile Reflexes Shape changing sustainable textiles are developed to give feedback to users and applied in coaching situations. Netherlands
*The Adventure Institute / Anthropocene a 24-hour game / journey that gives the player a chance to reconnect to the wilderness in their own backyard and to become aware about the hottest environmental issues of their time. UK
Tinker Design Athena is a smart interactive massage shoe for a customised massage on your feet on the move. The shoe embodies the resurgence of artisan craft

with a fusion of technology.

* X
Touch Craft
A range of sensory, responsive objects from rugs, blankets and pillows that have been embroidered and enhanced with electronics and sensor technology embedding stories into textiles as a way to engage different audiences and contribute towards social cohesion and well-being. UK
Wearable Energy – Textile Batteries Developing a new way

of battery integration into wearable smart textiles.

Wisp Shifting societal views of pleasure, WISP creates connections and opens minds to sensual intimacy. UK
Zishi: Smart Garment for Rehabilitation A garment designed to support posture monitoring for the purposes of rehabilitation training. Netherlands