WEAR Sustain Awards

WEAR Sustain awardees, Round 1, Summer 2017


WEAR Sustain ran two pan-European competitions in 2017 – The first open call 1 closed in May 2017 and the second in January 2018.

The aim of our funding is to support creative and technology collaboration for the evolution of critical, ethical, sustainable and aesthetic wearable technologies, smart and e-textiles worn on the body that may generate body data and/or data about our environment.

WEAR has funded 46 teams with a total of €2.4m, over a two year period, comprising of artists and designers, in collaboration with technologists and engineers, to develop their prototypes to the next level.

Over each 6 month incubation period projects are in receipt of financial support and input from WEAR Sustain mentors, experts and hubs across Europe to help realise their proposed ideas, develop sustainability and ethics in their work and promote their developed prototypes.

The end goal is to arrive at a selection of critical, ethical, sustainable and aesthetic Next Generation wearable technologies, smart or electronic textiles that may share key learning and outcomes, to aid others in doing the same for a more sustainable planet and future.

The awardees are listed in the Funded Teams pages:

Funded Teams :: Open Call 1
Funded Teams :: Open Call 2

Each project listed has a link to their full profile in the WEAR Sustain Network.

Look out for these outputs in a strategy guide and toolkit, due to be produced in late 2018!