The following webinars were recorded at various points of the WEAR project to support;
  • applications during the project’s Open Calls in May 2017 and in December 2017;
  • interdisciplinary collaboration;
  • integration of ethics and sustainability into wearables and e-textiles;
  • funded teams to thrive beyond the WEAR project.

Crowdfunding: All or Nothing



This webinar took place in January 2018, to support funded teams to developing follow-on funding strategies.

Sylvia Zancarli takes us through the crowdfunding options available. A useful resource for anyone looking to raise capital after developing their prototype.


  • Q&A (@49.41 mins)
  • Chaired by Stavri Nicolov


Recorded December 2017

A full description of Call 2 webinars and our speakers
can be found at http://legacy.wearsustain.eu/2017/12/09/wearbinars_week/


Sustainability and Ethics for Wearables and E-textiles
– Embedding life-cycle development and ethical design from the start –


This session is critical to help enable artists, designers, technologists and engineers embed critical sustainability, life-cycle and ethics into their product development. The webinar was recorded as an aid for WEAR Sustain Open Call applicants and our awarded teams, however we encourage you all to use it to produce more sustainable products.


Recorded Tuesday 12th December, 2017

  • Sustainable development and product life cycle issues for the creative industries and product design, with Professor Martin Charter (@01.34 mins)
  • Life-cycle analysis concerns and approaches for designing and developing wearables and e-textiles with Anne Prahl (@11.40 mins)
  • Data Ethics and collection for wearables with Professor Susan Kozel (@32.08 mins)
  • Q&A (@48.00 mins)
  • Chaired by Lucy Bunnell

The Power of Arts and Technology Collaboration 


This discussion is critical to learn how arts and technology inform each other and catalyse each toward more novel approaches to creation and design. Each have their own language and philosophy and collaboration can be both challenging and extremely rewarding and bring pioneering outcomes.


Recorded Thursday 14th December, 2017

  • Luis Miguel Girao on the role that art and design can play in innovation in technology, as well as the importance of cross-disciplinary collaboration and cross-pollination (@02.05 mins).
  • Lucas Evers on the benefits and challenges of artists, designers and other creatives working with technologists, engineers and programmers, as well as the collaborative process between experts from different disciplines (@22.50 mins).
  • Q&A (@42.00 mins)
  • Chaired by Camille Baker

Legal and IP considerations for Co-creation

– Essential considerations in co-developing wearables and e-textile prototypes, and beyond –


This webinar is to aid creative and technology partners to pre-consider legal obligations, IP, contracting and joint development, prior to forming a team and applying to the WEAR Sustain Open Call. The webinar covers opportunities of co-creation, including exploitation, ownership and contractual obligations of the WEAR Sustain project.


Recorded Tuesday 19th December, 2017

  • Managing, Developing, Owning and Exploiting Joint IP, by Dave Sandbach (@01.48 mins) Slides available at: http://bit.ly/WEAR-IPslides
  • Legal and Contractual Framework & Obligations of the WEAR Sustain Funding, with Heritiana Ranaivoson (@13.00 mins). Slides available at: http://bit.ly/WEARlegal-contracts 
  • Q&A (@28.15 mins)
  • Chaired byRachel Lasebikan


Recorded May 2017:

Important, please note:

Although the following webinars were recorded during the first competition round,
the information in these recordings will still be useful
to those of you wishing to apply to our second Open Call.

Application guidelines, dates and timing for Open Call 2 are therefore different to those outlined in the webinars below.
Refer to the wearsustain.eu/open-calls page for OC2 dates and updated application guidelines.

The application portal has changed for the second Open Call. Apply via https://www.f6s.com/wearsustainopencall2.

The call themes have been revised. Visit http://legacy.wearsustain.eu/open-calls/ for details.



How to connect with potential collaborators and how to submit your application (2nd May 2017)

(Slides for this webinar are available  here – WEAR Webinar 2 May 2017)

Timeline, Application Process, TRL, FAQ & Support for successful applicants (9th May 2017)

Topics covered include
– Timeline for application and decisions on funding. (Please Note: This presentation mentions the timing of the first open call with specific times and dates. The new dates and timing for Open Call 2 are available at http://legacy.wearsustain.eu/open-calls)
– An overview of the application process, and frequently asked questions.
– An overview of Technology Readiness Levels.
– Support structure for successful applicants

The second half of the webinar (https://youtu.be/cbYXkkCflNg?t=20m45s) takes questions from potential applicants to the Open Call and covers topics including:
– How you can add your profile to the network. https://youtu.be/cbYXkkCflNg?t=20m45s
– What kind of project WEAR Sustain is looking for. https://youtu.be/cbYXkkCflNg?t=22m26s
– How you structure a team and eligibility. https://youtu.be/cbYXkkCflNg?t=23m25s, & https://youtu.be/cbYXkkCflNg?t=31m32s
– Further discussion of the Technology Readiness Levels. https://youtu.be/cbYXkkCflNg?t=24m7s
– How important is commercialisation of a project being proposed? https://youtu.be/cbYXkkCflNg?t=27m21s
– How does prototype development work, and selecting partners – https://youtu.be/cbYXkkCflNg?t=32m5s
– Can you use existing technology in your project? – https://youtu.be/cbYXkkCflNg?t=36m55s
– Can you submit a process rather than a wearable? – https://youtu.be/cbYXkkCflNg?t=39m29s

Using the F6S platform for your application (Excerpt – 9th May 2017)

As part of the Open Call process we are using F6S to manage your application. This short excerpt from our webinar held on 2 May 2017 goes into detail about the platform in relation to the Open Call submission. Please Note; this presentation mentions the timing for the 1st open call with specific tiles and dates. Note the new dates and timing for Open Call 2 at http://legacy.wearsustain.eu/open-calls/ 

The WEAR Sustain Online Network and using it to connect with potential partners (15th May)

In this webinar you can find out about the WEAR Sustain Online Network and how it can help you connect with potential partners for your Open Call submission as well answering some of your questions about eligibility for the Open Call.


There are other How To videos available in our YouTube channel to help you navigate the Online Network: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi9OvkXVb1uS1at9FRrXCNQ/videos


About our webinars


Our webinars are targeted at:


  • Art, Design & Technology practitioners/businesses interested in applying for our Open Call.

Artists, fashion designers, product designers, interaction designers, technologists, engineers, programmers & start-ups interested in developing new directions in wearable technology and smart textiles that are ethical, sustainable, environmental and aesthetic


  •  Hubs and institutions interested supporting their network to apply for our Open Call.



Why attend webinars and what are the benefits?
Our webinars provide you with key information about our funding, presented by friendly and informative WEAR sustain partners. Questions are asked during the seminar through an interactive chat panel.

The value of webinars include:

  1. Relevant examples relating specifically to the application questions.
  2. An explanation of the process to help you feel confident in applying for funding.
  3. Useful information on the types projects we fund and what we are looking for, reject reasons and governance information.
  4. Opportunity to ask questions.
  5. Understanding how to find a suitable partner across Europe.


During the webinar we talk through:

  1. The WEAR Project, benefits and proposed outcomes.
  2. The Open Call, eligibility criteria, priorities and what we might expect from a strong proposal/collaboration.
  3. The application process and how to use the F6S Open Call Platform.
  4. The €50,000 funding and how to use it.
  5. Pan-European support to the winning projects – what to expect from our network of hubs, experts and mentors.
  6. The WEAR Sustain Online Network, engaging your WEAR community and finding a collaborative partner.


After attending a webinar you will hopefully:


  • Be in a better position to develop your application.
  • Have greater confidence in applying to our Open Call.
  • Understand how to find a collaborative partner.


Registration for future webinars:


If you would like information on any future webinars, please email us at info@wearsustain.eu

Webinars last approximately 30 minutes with additional time for questions and answers.