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Photo: Creativeworks London Critical Wearables Research Lab, June 2015

Knowledge Exchange

WEAR Sustain facilitates sharing of knowledge between people in the art/design, electronics/technology and associated fields who are interested in evolving the wearable technology and smart textiles industries for the better.

WEAR Sustain Events

WEAR Sustain will organise 10 local events, hosted by our European partner advocacy hubs, aimed at achieving the WEAR Sustain objectives. All WEAR Sustain events are FREE to attend and are designed to be flexible and interactive. Events may include symposia, round tables, networking and hackathons, amongst other activities.

We invite you to meet and share your skills in-person at our events, with a view to creating new knowledge that will tackle ethical, critical and aesthetic issues head on, towards next generation innovations.

A number of themes have been created to address current and pressing issues facing European and global society, as guidance for our funded WEAR Sustain Projects. These themes will also form the basis for dialogue at our Open Call events.

Visit our events calendar.
Media & Resources

Visit our Media and Resources page to read the project’s deliverables and research papers as they become available.


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